Friday, April 2, 2010

MALAY WEDDING: Wedding Ceremony

Before the wedding ceremony performed, many preparations will be undertaken include establishing big tent, prepare rooms and 'Pelamin' for the new bride and groom and also 'Bunga Telur'.MySpace

Wedding day is also known as 'Hari Langsung' or 'Hari Bersanding'. it is a ceremonial marriage and peak day for the bride and bridegroom call 'Raja Sehari'.

On that day, the council held with the royally attended by relatives, neighbors and friends. Both groom and bride will wear the wedding clothes, usually 'Songket' and beautifully decorated with glitter also.

Bride will be beautify by 'Mak Andam' before the 'Persandingan' ceremony began. For 'Mak Andam', traditional bridal makeup preceded by a spell curse to bring out the face glow of bridal and the bride is fed with 'Sireh' to remove the sense of nervous. There is also a bridal shaven eyebrows and cut the face hair to look more attractive.MySpace

Tradition seeks to sharpen the teeth is also done to beautify the teeth. But this tradition is no longer practiced by the Malay community today.

The groom will be pageant with 'Kompang' and accompanied by 'Bunga Manggar'. Arrival groom entourage will be greated with the splash of 'Beras Kunyit'. The bride will celebrate the arrival of the groom and then the bride and groom bridal then will be bring to the outside of house and sat in special places provide. Typically, the presentation of 'Pencak Silat' is also called the bride worship will be held. After that, the bride will be brought up to the house for 'Adat Bersanding'. In some places, the groom had a few obstacles in front of the stairs, in doorways or on the couches for the bride. Therefore representative groom must pay a ransom door or couches.MySpace Bride will be in harmony over a bed decorated beautifully and at the top of the couches is 'Bunga Pahar'. During this tradition held, 'Menepung Tawar' also done where the rose is splash on the bride and groom. The invited guests is attendance will also be given 'Bunga Telur'.

Next, the eating together event that is called 'Makan Beradab' or 'Makan Berdamai' conducts. Council was only attended by immediate family members of both parties. after the ceremony is over, both bride and groom will be shaking hands with parents, relatives and spectators who came.

In some places, two or three days after the wedding, the bridal couple will undergo ritual bath or 'Mandi Berlimau' or 'Mandi Sampat'. The ceremony is conducted as a symbol of that couple was safely together as a husbans and wife is valid. In this ceremony, the bride will be shower with 'Mayang Pinang', 'Air Kelapa' or 'Air Limau'. This custom made among immediate family members only.

A week after that, a custom 'Menyambut Manantu' to celebrate daughter in law will be held. In some places it is called 'Majlis Bertandang'. wedding will be held at groom home, but it is not delightful like the wedding ceremony in the bride house, it just simple. There is also some Malay people run it by only doing the prayer 'Majlis Doa Selamat' attend by relatives and neighbors without ceremony called 'Persandingan'.
After a few days at groom house, husband-wife will be taken to visit the family houses and relatives. The aim is to closer the relationship ties and in addition, both of them can get to know with the families of both parties.


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