Friday, March 19, 2010

INDIAN WEDDING: invitation cards & parisam

Invitation Cards

Invitation cards play an important role in the marriage of the Indian community. Invitation card is based on the Hindu almanac. If something happens, meaning the marriage can not be carried out smoothly. Turmeric powder will be applied on the invitation cards as the symbol of harmony.

Several pieces of invitation cards in odd numbers will be brought together into the temple to be pray (arccanai). Card is placed on the tray with betel, money, oil, pinang as a symbol of wealth.

The ceremony is called paanam paaku. Then tray will be brought to the bride house to be given to the groom and the groom also will bring the tray to bride. At the same time sirih pinang will be given as a sign of invitation marriage officially.


Traditional parisam divided into two, namely parisam udan and common parisam. Common parisam is a gift will be given before the wedding day, while udan parisam is a gift will be given on the same day in the morning before the wedding day. In the Indian community, parisam is like an engagement ceremony. Traditional parisam gift will be held on the certain day set by both families. The groom will send the gift in the odd number. This gift will be prepared by cumanggali which is married woman.


Mark Scott said...

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